Searching for a Web Cart, Not just Premium Web Cart?

How I found Premium Web Cart

Hi, I am an internet marketer and business owner, and when I began my search for an online webcart, I had never even heard of Premium Web Cart (PWC).  I knew of 1ShoppingCart and Infusionsoft and Quicken online but had no clue which to choose or how to even set anything up.

The more I looked, the more confused I became.  I need a what?  Merchant account?  Authorize.what?  Where do I get those?  Finally got and a merchant service sorted but still had not shopping cart.

After talking to some of my business colleagues and internet marketing friends, I decided that I probably did not want to use 1ShoppingCart.  Mostly because I already used AWeber and didn’t want to move my list.  Plus, one person I know had a LOT of problems with them.  So I began doing a little searching on my own.  Honestly, I do not even remember how I came across PWC.  I really wanted to go with Infusionsoft, but the cost was waaaay beyond what I could afford.

PWC seemed to have everything and more…

Infusionsoft was waaaay too expensive and all the other carts I found just seemed to not stack up.  I called them and they were very very helpful on the phone and not pushy at all.  So I signed up for a $5.00 one month trial.  Basically they got me with their customer service from the very beginning.

Here are a very very small list of the Pro’s and Con’s:


  1. Amazing support!!  I have the direct line to my cart advisor and his Skype address so I can ask for help whenever I need it.
  2. Recurring billing that is highly customizable.  You can setup x day free trials and then have the billing start, or even have a startup cost and then monthly billing at a different rate.  ie, If you charged $1000 setup and the monthly fees were only $700.
  3. Integrates with Aweber which I use.  (Also integrates with iContact, GetResponse, MailChimp.  You can also use the built in auto responder which uses Aweber.)
  4. Kinda like Infusionsoft but WAAAAAY more affordable!!!
  5. Check the screenshot below for a general overview of all the Premium Web Cart features.


  1. There are so many stinkin things you can do in PWC it’s insane!  I haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s possible yet.
  2. AGAIN… There are sooo many things you can do in PWC.  It’s a bit overwhelming.
  3. They are still growing so some of the videos are outdated for training, but even in the time I’ve been with them they have made HUGE improvements.


PWC was definitely a great choice for my business and I’ve recommended it to all my friends who have been extremely happy with the service.  It’s always nice when you make a recommendation for something that works out so well for so many people.  :)

As I said above… I haven’t even begun to use PWC to it’s full potential yet, but it works great for my purpose right now and I’m learning a little more every day with the help of my cart advisor Josh.

Here is an overview screenshot from their site of features.

Click the image or click –> Premium Web Cart <–  and then go to “Product Comparison” to do a detailed comparison.

Premium Web Cart Overview

4 Responses to “Searching for a Web Cart, Not just Premium Web Cart?”

  1. Benji says:

    Think I’m gonna give it a try, at least the free trial. I’ve been using another web cart for the past year or so but I’m really unhappy with it’s support and “lack” of functionality. Thanks for the help!

    • WebCart Admin says:

      Very nice! Definitely take advantage of the $4.97 30 day offer, but be sure to get inside the Premium Web Cart system as much as you can during that period so you can know if it’s what you’re looking for long term and not just the first 30 days! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Donnie says:

    I’ve been looking into PWC for the past week, can you tell me if you are currently using the membership side of the service and what your personal thoughts are about it, user friendly, functionality, etc?


    • WebCart Admin says:

      Hey Donnie –

      We don’t actually use the membership service currently, but from what I’ve heard from others it’s really easy to use and has great functionality.

      Thanks for talking with us!

      Trevor –

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